Flash Sale — Save $50 on All Used Revolvers


Deal is for in-store purchases only. Does not include consignment or new revolvers.

44 MAGS&W MOD 29-2$500.00$450.00
38 SPLSMITH & WESSON 36-1$469.99$410.99
22LRRUGER SINGLE SIX$479.99$429.99
38SPLS&W MODEL 10 POLICE TRADE IN$379.95$329.99
38SPLS&W MODEL 10 POLICE TRADE IN$379.95$329.99
32 LONGS&W HAND EJECTOR 32$399.99$349.99
.357SMITH AND WESSON 19-7$599.99$550.99
38SPLSMITH & WESSON 10-8 38SPL BLUE$425.00$375.00
.357SMITH AND WESSON 66-2$899.99$849.99
.357RUGER BLACKHAWK$549.99$499.99
357MAGRUGER GP-100 357MAG BLUED$599.99$549.99
.357 MAGRUGER GP100 357MAG$529.99$479.99

1 thought on “Flash Sale — Save $50 on All Used Revolvers

  1. Greetings, i am looking for a Ruger Blackhawk .41 magnum, used, blued, with a 7 and a 1/2 inch barrel.. If you happen to acquire one by trade or pawn, this former US Marine would love to be the first to check it out and make an offer, or outright payment of your asking price depending on condition. Text me at 404 433 5086 if you find one. Text is better than calling. I am only a mile or so away from your shop, been there and bought things many times over the years. Thank you. Dave.

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