Do you have a light on your CCW gun? (Poll)


I’m on record (several times, actually) as stating that I remain unconvinced that a weapon-mounted light (WML) is anything like a necessity on a CCW handgun toted by a private citizen outside the home.

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This is an interesting article on weapon-mounted lights for your carry gun.

I know that the opinions vary on the subject. With some people leaning to carrying a light all the time, while others don’t see the need for lights on their daily carry gun.

I don’t have a light mounted on either of my guns, but I do intend to get one for my home defense rig. I will likely not ever mount one on my daily carry.

Our instructor has a light mounted on his carry gun. He is a firm believer in them.

Lights are definitely a critical part of using your weapon effectively. You should definitely include training with lights in your gun training.

We offer training with lights as a part of our home defense class

So now I ask you…what do you think?

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