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This is not a beginner’s course. Students must have already completed either our Concealed Carry, Home Defense, or Advanced Shooting Fundamentals class, or have an advanced working knowledge of pistols and range safety techniques.

In this class, students will combine many skills previously learned in live-fire range practice. Topics covered include:

– Proper holster draw
– Single-handed firing
– Point shooting
– Emergency and tactical records
– Emergency weapon malfunctions
– Shooting while moving
– Shooting from behind cover and concealment
– Low-light techniques and firing under low light
– Multiple target techniques, and how to transition between targets

Students will fire a minimum of 300 rounds in this class. Please bring your own holster, spare magazine or speed loader, magazine or speed loader carrier, and flashlight with you to this class. If you do not have these items, loaners may be available at the shop. Students will spend most of this class on the range, shooting drills specifically designed to test your abilities and show you your areas of weakness to improve your defensive pistol shooting. After taking this class, students will have practiced the real-world skills needed for defensive gun fighting.

Class size limit 6 students

Register here — 75.00

2 thoughts on “Skills and Drills Class — New for 2019

  1. On 14 July 2019, I took the Concealed Carry Class instructed by Kendall Bearden. The class was both educational and informative. I learned a great deal from Kendall regarding state laws, and the responsibility of carrying a firearm. The drills on the gun range were challenging, and encouraged me to spend more time on the range in order to hone my draw, aim and firing skills. Anyone interested in owning a firearm should seriously consider taking a class offered by Kendall Bearden, based on his many years of experience, his firearms expertise, and professionalism,

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