New Year — The Perfect Chance to Commit to Firearms Training


The new year is a good opportunity for renewal. New year, New you as they say. You can choose to lose weight, make social changes to be a better person, or even just eat better.  As a gun owner, the new year also gives us a chance to make a few changes to habits, skills and general improvements that will allow us to better protect ourselves and our families.

As a gun owner, your primary responsibility should be safety. Gun safety is easy to preach. Safe gun handling is much harder to practice. I have been shooting for more than 30 years. I had a negligent discharge last year. In that incident, I violated one of the four rules of gun safety.  I did not verify that the gun I was holding was loaded. It is an easy mistake to make, but very preventable.

Get a Class from our certified instructors

That is why as a responsible gun owner, one of your new year’s resolutions should be a gun safety class. The Gun Safety and Familiarization class offered at Wild West Traders will give you a solid foundation for safe, responsible operation of your firearms.

If you are an experienced shooter, you could benefit from honing your skills with our concealed carry class or a firearms skills and drills session. These classes start with a safety refresher, and progress to polishing the skills and tactics you will need to carry a gun every day.

See what an instructor can do after just one class?

Another option for beginner and advanced shooters is a private lesson. You can let one of our NRA certified firearm instructors give you one on one attention. You pick what skills you want to practice, and the instructor will work with you at your own pace.

All of these options will help you polish your skills and make you a safe, responsible gun owner in 2019.

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